Sample Catalogs

Sample Catalog/Display is a great working tool for salesman, sales representative or a distributor. Samples of your products are closed in a convenient form and they present themselves with splendor. This form helps to fire up Your Clients imagination much better than the photographs from the catalogues, booklets or leaflets. Owing to this fact Your products are becoming more attractive for the customer, what leads to the increase of sales.

The samples of granulated, powdery and liquid products in form of tiles are placed in one or two of the inside binder covers. There are different shapes and sizes of the tiles available in our offer.

The cover is printed for You based on your own, individual project, which may be delivered to us or  we can do it for You! The covers are spacious so there is enough room to put your business data, slogans, names and descriptions of the products and many more useful information about your firm to stand You out from the others. Covers are additionally laminated with gleaming or matt foil to prevent it from dirt and wetness.

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